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We are Fluffy Fluffy

We are Fluffy Fluffy located in Christiansburg, Virginia. We are a CFA-certified cattery. All of our breeding cats are registered.

What is Cat Fanciers' Association(CFA)?

Our CFA-Page website:

Cats are a big part of our family, we love their passion and energy. Every cat and kitten is raised by our hands. After several months of time living together, saying goodbye to “our children” and giving them to another person is a challenge for us. We wish “our children” can live happily in their new family.

Our belief is that cats are “our children” and they need the best possible care from us. All the kittens are raised with love. Our kittens are trusting humans as their own parents.

Contact Us

Please check out "owning" page for general FAQ.

Phone: 571-489-9253 or 540-553-6185
Email: fluffyfluffycattery@gmail.com
Christiansburg, Virginia

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Be careful with Scammers!

We have many customers saying they got scammed when they are looking for a Maine Coon kittens. Please be careful about scammers!

The best way to find out if a cattery is real is to see the cattery in person!

Some websites that have a database of scamming websites are pretty helpful for you to distinguish!
These two websites can tell you what is true and what is not: